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We have formulated a unique formula that have provided Amazing results, fertility enhancement, using all natural organic ingredients . We recommend using twice a week before breeding season and throughout the life cycle . During the breeding season we recommend 3-4 times weekly especially when feeding the young hatchlings. The results are incredible, strong healthy, alert, silky feathers, healthy droppings and fast growth after hatching. We have testamonies of OLD COCKS that have begin to fertile again after using this product!!!! Our formula contains the following ingredients: PROTEIN (Enhanced Proprietary Blend) SPIRULINA, GARLIC, OREGANO, FLAX SEED, ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS,PROBIOTICS (Enhanced Proprietary blend) DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake Well Before Use: Moisten feed with oil of choice, eg; wheat germ oil. Apply (1) teaspoonful to ONE (1) pound of feed or ONE ( 1) gallon of water


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